We knew we wanted another home birth

My two oldest girls were born with CNMs in the hospital in Montana. My least favorite part of their birthing experience was the hospital setting. I remember feeling inferior with my first daughter, being scolded by one of the nurses because I didn’t have her wrapped “properly” as they whisked my daughter away to the nursery leaving me feeling like a terrible mom. With my second daughter I asked the nurse if there was a better position I could get into to push and she told me “no” and laughed. She explained that it is easiest to catch the baby when the mom is laying on the bed. While the CNMs were nice and I was able to birth them as “naturally” as possible, the experience was completely different at home.

My third son was born at home. We currently live in southern Missouri and the male doctors in the area have a terribly high rate of cesareans and inductions. We decided to drive up to Dodgeville, WI and have him at “home” (my mother-in-laws). This was such a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

When I became pregnant again we knew we wanted another home birth. The midwife that helped with my last birth retired and recommended Dionne Corcocan from Legacy Birth Services.

I contacted Dionne and explained our unique situation. She was very willing to monitor me from Missouri and have limited visits. She encourage phone calls whenever I had questions or concerns. During our home visits (which are so handy when you have other children) I always felt comfortable. Dionne took her time to listen and I felt like I was receiving excellent care throughout my pregnancy.

During the labor and delivery of our 4th son Dionne was reassuring, patient, calm and very skilled at midwifery. It was another successful home birth for my husband and I. We loved that my mother-in-law and children were all able to be a part of something so special.

Thanks Dionne for helping us bring Conall into this world in a wonderful way!

Anne and Finn


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